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Above & Beyond Live At Ultra Music Festival Miami 2014
Тип: Видео
Длительность: 51:19 секунда

Описание: Above & Beyond -- Blue Sky Action feat. Alex Vargas Beatport: iTunes: Subscribe: Follow A&B on Spotify: One of the more memorable shows of our lives thanks to some pretty crazy weather - thank you all for battling against the elements. The rain totally fried all our on-stage equipment around 16 mins into this video, forcing us to play on the reserve decks with our backs to the crowd and a giant LED rig blocking our view. The festival organisers played a dubstep mix of Sun Is Shining during the rain break - very appropriate. The video feed drops out 7 minutes from the end, also due to the inclement weather, but we figured you'd still enjoy the audio so we left it in - the pictures do also return right at the very end.



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