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Страна: Ukraine
Город: Kiev

Bora, Mynox, Vander - Let It Breathe (Pandhora remix) [ Art Vibes ] // Progressive House Premiere
Тип: Видео
Длительность: секунда

Описание: Download & Stream: Follow Pandhora: Pandhora on Youtube: Pandhora on Spotify: Artist: Bora, Mynox, Vander Title: Let It Breathe (Pandhora Extended Mix) Label: Art Vibes Genre: #ProgressiveHouse Vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and producer Bora Uzer teamed up with Mynox and Amsterdam-based DJ and producer Vander to create "Let It Breathe". Birthed on a never-ending day of February in Turkey's dynamic city of Istanbul, this piece fuses elements of electronica, deep house, and modern pop. The lush vocals of Bora convey a certain epicurism and invite us to let go and accept life. This EP is complemented by the alternative versions of psychedelic duo Pandhora, British talent Shunus, and Volt Milano residents Sound Shapes. Pandhora crafted a progressive & melodic reshape incorporating jazzy chords and upbeat grooves. Shunus came up with a different story, slowing things down with his downtempo sound signature and a relish of western vibes. To wrap up this release, the Italian duo Sound Shapes infused their remix with deep sounds and decided to go for a tense atmosphere which suits afterhours dancefloors perfectly. Submit your premiere: #DeepHouse #ProgressiveHouse202 Pandhora, Pandhora music, mynox, vander, bora uzer, art vibes, let it breathe, art vibes music, downtempo, deep house, melodic techno, progressive house



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