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Dixon presents TRANSMODERNA Opening @ Pacha Ibiza | BE-AT.TV
Тип: Видео
Длительность: секунда

Описание: This weekend an experiment will take place in Ibiza that could change the ways clubbing is experienced. On 24th May, Dixon will bring his new project Transmoderna to Pacha, returning every Friday for 20 weeks. Transmoderna is more than just a residency. It is a navigation through global phenomena, in real life and in virtual reality. To bring this experience to an audience beyond the club, a livestream setup will be installed at Pacha. The idea of the broadcast is to show a club night through the eyes of Transmoderna. Transmoderna incorporates multiple layers of technology: Infrared (Thermal Camera) / Machine Vision (Detecting Faces, Objects) / Kinect (3D depth analyzing camera) / Data Mosh Gan / Morphing / Digitalized Reality The resulting footage will be a patchwork of fragmented real live content, art, digitalism, Zeitgeist and visions. The only steady and unfiltered component of the stream will be the music. #dixon #transmoderna #pachaibiza #beattv #ibizaopening2019 #nevermissabeat



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